I will attempt to keep current and post my newest, most pertinent videos here on this “Videos” page. But life has a way of happening at the speed of light (meaning: I might get behind sometimes). You can find all my most recent videos (biz & for fun) on my YouTube Channel at

In early Aug. 2017, got brave and stepped out of my proverbial comfort zone. I began participating in the tail-end of a Facebook Live, 21-Day Challenge. I did the last 7 days. It was my first venture into Facebook Live videos. I screwed-up lots of things and learned a bunch!

I’ve now uploaded them to my YouTube Channel. I’ll continue to do so, as I make new ones. I’ll probably also experiment with YouTube Live as well (soon). I’ll occasionally add other (fun) videos there too. But you won’t see my Zip-Line Adventure here– since it’s not biz-related.

But for your convenience, I’m posting the more helpful biz-type stuff here.

1st FB Live:

“The Unboxing of My New iKlip Grip Pro, Selfie-Stick & Desk Tripod.”
It was before I decided to jump onboard with the Challenge. This one is probably more entertaining (& awkward) than informative. But it was my first, so be kind.

2nd FB Live:

This one was the 1st of the 21-Day Challenge (I got in on the last 7 days). “Learning to do FB Live.” And a little blooper at the end.

3rd FB Live:

This is the video of the 1st meeting of my newly formed Meetup Group: the ABQ Holistic Practitioners Reaching More Clients. It was my 1st presentation in a very long time. “Introductions, and 5 Tips for Reaching More Clients.”

4th FB Live:

This one was kind of fun, being first thing in the morning.
“Don’t Let Perfection Get in the Way of Moving Forward.”

5th FB Live:

This one was chalk full of goofy Internet connections, and getting cut off… So I brought all the fragments back together in iMovie and stitched it back together.
“Why You Need to Work with an Editor.”

My 6th FB Live was merely a walking tour through my backyard garden– not biz-related. You can visit My YouTube Channel to see it.

But, I learned– You cannot change your view orientation in mid-video! LOL. 🙂
If you start out in a horizontal view, you have to stay with that orientation. Same with the vertical view. I didn’t know this at the time. So goofy stuff there.

My 7th & 8th FB Live videos were done at the “Duke City Ham Fest – 2017” annual amateur radio convention. Again, these were more for “fun” than biz, so you can see them on My YouTube Channel.

I learned more things on these… like when (& when not) to “flip” the view (so the text is [theoretically] not backward), and when to use an external mic. I messed up both of those things– flipping the screen when I should not have, and I desperately needed an external mic (which has since been ordered) in the noisy venue.