Learning to Shine Your Talents

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A writer writes.
This seems like a fairly obvious declaration unless the said writer is also an editor of other people’s writing. Then, things can become a bit complicated.

Yes, a writer does write. Ideally, they do this by writing their own work. But they can also use their talents by rewording and reorganizing work for their clients–helping their clientele shine their talents into the world.

I’ve seen it with other people too–in their lines of work. A photographer photographs, but sometimes never gets around to displaying their favorite work.

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Secret Formatting Tool Helps Keep Your Writing Looking Sharp!

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Writing is the Fun Part, But Then. . .
I see it all the time. People coming up with ideas, writing their hearts out–composing an article or a book, or another writing project. But then they start looking back at it. Things are. . . not matched up. “How did this header end up so big, while that looks like–is that a different. . . Font? Holy smokes!” Eeeks!

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Then there’s this “little matter” of organizing all that Table of Contents stuff, getting it lined up, and. . . Oh, cr@p! The page numbers? Do the page numbers match the real contents? And what if you have to cut or add a paragraph or two? Or a page, or two? Then what? How the hell do you. . . realign. . . (muffled shriek)

Normally, I see writers “fix” these things manually with hard returns, extra spaces, tabs, and other nightmarish extraneous-coding hidden elements. If you only knew about all the extra hidden coding which gets inserted into documents because of hard returns and tabbing-over. Oh, my word! What a mess these actions make of your manuscript, and they have to be fixed before it can be submitted for printing. But I digress. extraneous hidden coding is a subject for another post.

The crazy uneven font sizes and styles, random bold or italics, and the hit or miss occasionally-centered heading here, and other left-justified headings over there. The sometimes bolded, sometimes not sub-heads are all only a few of the issues writers unknowingly stumble into and editors encounter. Have you ever had to rearrange your order of chapters? O.M.G.! It can be a headache to resolve.

How can you avoid these kinds of frustration? Or wait–Are we all doomed to hours of weeding through this part of the editing phase and just. . . figuring it out?  Hint: I have a secret weapon I use to simplify this stuff. . . and I’ll share in a couple of minutes. Continue reading “Secret Formatting Tool Helps Keep Your Writing Looking Sharp!”

New Pro Photos

I went to Tucson, for my business mastermind retreat. I know– what am I? Crazy? Tucson. . . Arizona? In July? But there was an incredible bonus for attending this one– a professional photo shoot! Natalie hired professional photographer, Eric Auffhammer, of Eternity Fine Portraits. He did a terrific job for all of us. I’m very happy with the ones I chose out of the many he took. It was hard to pick! 

If you’re in the Tucson, AZ area and you need professional photos done, he is the photographer you want. Heck, I believe he sometimes travels other places to do jobs. Contact him and find out. 

Anyway, I drove to Tucson. It was a nice road trip. I learned a ton of great stuff during our daily classes, got new professional photos done, and came home wiser. I made some massive forward movement after returning home.

Oh– and there was another great bonus, for a weather geek like me. Tucson has some incredible monsoon thunderstorms in the late afternoons and evenings. . . even into the night. Magnificent thunder and lightening. OMG. I took my big Nikon with me, but never really had the time or the place to set up to get the shots. Maybe next time. 

The next one is scheduled for November. It’ll be the last one of our mastermind retreats, and it will begin wrapping things up. The end of a productive and exciting year. I’m looking forward to it.

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