You’d Think I was M.I.A.

I’m Still Standing. . .

Hello, again! (Photo by Mom, P. Wood.)

From here, looking at this blog, you’d think I died or went missing. But no.

I’m happy to report, I am still around, alive, and doing fine. I can also report I HAVE been writing, just, apparently not here.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring it over here. 

Another Venue

I was encouraged some time ago to start posting on
Like so many things in life, I put it off. . . and off. But last year, I found my RoundTuit and started publishing on Medium. I’m still trying to navigate the “correct” way to share those posts here. I don’t want to get tossed into Medium Jail for doing it wrong!

A Garden Path.

For the moment, I’ll share the LINK to My Medium Page, and you can read me over there. Paula’s Blog Page

But I’ll give you a heads-up. . . If you’re not a “member,” you can only read 5-posts per month (I believe). Becoming a member is only $5/month or $50/year (bargain). Think of it as a great magazine subscription. A couple of the benefits of membership: You have access to reading unlimited articles–thousand and thousands of them on countless topics. And you can start writing and publishing on Medium.

I published an article per week, for a few months. My pride in merely getting it done grew. I’d planned to gradually ramp-up the publishing frequency to twice per week as my energy levels improved.  Then it could grow to three times per week. But Continue reading “You’d Think I was M.I.A.”

Spinning Head, Spinning Plates…

Greetings again.


I keep working toward more consistent posting here. But it’s been tough. Maybe you can relate? I frequently find myself pulled in so many different directions; it’s hard to stay on target. It can feel like my head is spinning.

I think it’s mostly about balance, but we can lose track… and, if we lose balance, everything can crash. Self-care is an essential part of this balancing act we call Life.

For the past few months, I’ve pushed myself hard. Work–writing and editing for clients AND my own writing projects, learning new business applications, admin stuff, travel, work-retreats, reclaiming my office from disarray, trying to keep up with the household chores, and oh, yea–taking care of myself

Have you heard about this awful strain of flu that’s been going around this winter? Maybe you or a family member or friend has dealt with it? It’s bad, right? Take care of yourselves out there. 

Just in this last week of January 2018, at last–I’m recovering from the nasty, relentless flu-bug. Ugh! It seems mine ran a similar course, as many folks I’ve heard about. I battled it for three weeks. Now the realization dawns on me, I unwittingly let myself get run-down. Not getting enough quality rest, ultimately put me behind for a bit. It cost me the time I could have been editing, writing or cleaning my office. I lost sight of balance. My advice: Don’t lose sight of balance in your life.

Among my many business tasks of late–I’m learning things like MailChimp, how to build my list, and using LeadPages–but it can be confusing. I’m not sure yet how to bring them together, or how best to utilize them for my business. Have you experienced this–trying to figure it out and not knowing if you’re doing it right? There’s a lot to take in, right? Head-spinning, I tell you. I’ve also learned it’s Ok to ask for help. Again–balance! And I have a clever friend…  Continue reading “Spinning Head, Spinning Plates…”

Still Here…


I’m still here. Things have been super busy. Today, I’m sharpening a presentation I’ll be giving at an upcoming retreat, polishing a potential handout for talks, packing to drive to the retreat, prepping for an afternoon client, tackling a mile-long “to-do before you go” list, and decided to do a quick update for you. I’ll post more after I return.

We just returned from a lovely vacation, although the travel back pushed the toxic overload I deal with–kind of over the edge. But I’m recovering. It’s merely taking a bit longer than I’d like. It’s reminding me of the importance of self-care and rest. Sometimes pushing harder isn’t the answer. Sometimes a little more rest is what will put you ahead.

I’ve added a couple of affiliate links (see the sidebar on the blog and the footer of all the pages). I highly recommend the writing software, “Scrivener.” It’s writing software made by writers FOR writers. It has a terrific trial period that only ticks away on the days you actually use it. Then it’s a modest little, one-time investment.

I’ll pop out of here now and go tackle more of my to-do list and get it “to-done!” Thanks for stopping in. More stuff later.
Be Well,