A Possible Perspective on Priorities

The Order of Things. . .

I write every day–something, each day. Recently, I was composing a resource document in Google Docs–for my wellness offerings–rather than my usual habit of writing in MS Word for Mac. I’m playing more with Google Docs and Sheets to learn more about them.

Anyway–While writing, I saw a button in the bottom right-hand corner of the document screen, “Explore.” “Ooo, I’m an explorer at heart, Ok.” I clicked on the Explore button.

It brought up a sidebar with images–which I could use in the document if I wanted (& I did choose one, as seen here). Above the three offered photos, it contained headings of “Topics.” It had pulled three topics from an overall look at the contents of my document. It listed, in this order:
Quality time

I found this interesting, as my mention of “quality time” came much later in the piece than Source or Spirit–AND “Source” and “Spirit” are more prevalent on the page.

What If. . .

It got me wondering–Is this a reflection of our society and its priorities? Is it a reflection of “time” in any form, coming before or outranking “Spirit,” even when I had put it first? Continue reading “A Possible Perspective on Priorities”