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First things first. You might be wondering…

Are You in the Right Place?
The quick answer… Yes–If you are needing a web copywriter who specializes in the Alternative Health and Wellness Industry.

Yes–If you’re in need of a copywriter who understands the particulars of crafting effective web content–and who combines these skills with a passion for transformative wellness and personal development products and services.
Then… Yes! You’re absolutely in the right place.

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You’d also be in the right place if you are a Holistic Practitioner needing some other types of writing or editing done. If you’re having trouble knowing what to say or how to say it–I can help with this too.  Need help with self-publishing? Yep! I can guide you there, too.

I can guide you through your writing journey with an editor’s eye and a healer’s heart. Schedule a Free Strategy Session with Me.

So—what is Holistic Wellness Writers? And who am I?

Who, Where, How, and a Little Why
Who: Paula High-Young, Alternative Health & Wellness Copywriter, and Personal Development Copywriter. I specialize in writing various kinds of Web Content: Articles, Blog Posts, Case Studies, Newsletters, Speaker Bios. I offer other services, as well. You can see a more comprehensive list under my “Services” tab.

Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (Mountain Time Zone). Our meetings usually take place via Zoom (video conferencing), or by phone.

How: I go into great detail on this under my About-tab subheading: “My System–How I Work and Write.”

Why: I’ve been a writer for years. Early in life, I took to writing and editing naturally. I chose to keep upgrading those skills. I also have premier copywriting training, which I am constantly upgrading every year.

I’ve learned a lot about writing, publishing, and marketing over the years. I have a Bachelor of Science in Communications, and I have a background in Psychology. This means I understand a lot about what makes people “tick.” 

Over the years, I’ve become passionate about holistic wellness and personal development.

Why the Alternative Wellness and Personal Development fields?
I’ve always preferred the holistic approach. And I’ve always been drawn toward the older traditions in the healing arts. I’ve also remained inquisitive about self-improvement and reaching optimal potential.

But our modern world can trip us up. For me, there came a tipping point of illness–an involved story. Suffice it to say I encountered a few health issues due to years of misguided lifestyle choices. Regular allopathic-trained doctors were at a loss and could merely grasp at mystery symptoms for answers. Their treatments only made things worse. I eventually took back control and began doing my own research and discovery.

What I learned astonished me.

Some of it turned out to be such “common sense” but concepts most of us had veered away from long ago–too addicted to conveniences. And perhaps too bamboozled by advertising. 

I earned my certification as a holistic health coach and made many dietary and lifestyle changes. But complicated issues require expert assistance. I needed to dig deeper. I found and adopted the help of a Functional Nutritionist and an Integrative Doctor who are working together (and remotely) to guide me Back to Wellness. I’m still on my healing journey, but I’ve come far from where I started.

Now I use all the great stuff I’ve learned (and continue learning) in functional and integrative wellness and apply it in my writing work–more fully versed in Holistic and Alternative Health than ever. 

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Please feel free to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session with me, you can do it here, or you can simply contact me at this link.

Last edited March 2021.