Learning to Shine Your Talents

Aug 1, 2018

Photo by Paula L. High

A writer writes.
This seems like a fairly obvious declaration unless the said writer is also an editor of other people’s writing. Then, things can become a bit complicated.

Yes, a writer does write. Ideally, they do this by writing their own work. But they can also use their talents by rewording and reorganizing work for their clients–helping their clientele shine their talents into the world.

I’ve seen it with other people too–in their lines of work. A photographer photographs, but sometimes never gets around to displaying their favorite work.

Another example… 

My husband has amazing talents in carpentry and otherwise remodeling people’s living and recreational spaces. But getting his own house fixed up? He never seems to have enough time for his own spaces. Maybe you’ve seen it in your own profession?

I’ve found as time becomes crowded with other people’s projects, my own writing can end up sacrificed–when I’m not careful. It’s far too easy to allow my own work to slide into obscurity while concentrating on others.

I used to think it might be a learned behavior with some of us girls. We learned, early on, to put everyone else’s needs before our own. But then I see someone like my husband not making time for things he claims he wants to do. So perhaps its a matter of not figuring out our priorities? Or maybe it’s a fear of showing up, being in the spotlight, or being heard? Or perhaps it’s a combination of things.

No matter, it’s important for us to make the time and commitment to shine our own Light and do the things we want to do, as well as helping others. This might require us to overcome our own fears–of showing up, of not being good enough, of our inadequacies, of our brilliance… or whatever it is which might be holding us back. Easier said than done, yes. 

I’ve learned something a bit strange. During times when my calendar is overstuffed with helping others is precisely when I tend to overlook the need for my own self-care and possible wise contributions. It seems as if my life has been about learning balance–and I STILL haven’t got it down–yet.

I think we frequently learn Life’s Lessons in phases. It’s a bit like the school system. We have to learn things at the first and second-grade levels before we can move on to the more advanced lessons. I have learned balance in a number of life situations, just not yet in my business adventures.

So now, I learn how to run a business, be my own boss and manage my time better than ever before. No easy task, I assure you. At times, I feel so overwhelmed, like I’ll never “get it.” But I know I need to persevere. It will eventually stick.

I acquired a special necklace, years ago. It’s a gold fortune cookie on a black, silk cord. At the bottom of the fortune cookie is a short, gold chain connected to a small, flat, gold “fortune.”
It reads: “A path with no obstacles probably leads nowhere.

I couldn’t agree more. In other words, if it was too easy, it probably wouldn’t be worth doing. I think there is something pretty doggone huge about overcoming the hurdles. It just feels so great when we can look back and see how far we’ve come, or how much we’ve accomplished.

And maybe that’s what the big lessons are really about.
What do you think? I’d love to hear from you. What are your big obstacles and your big wins?

That’s all for now. Hey, at least I managed some time to write, right? 😉
Thanks for your time. Have a fabulous day and…
Be Well.


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