A Possible Perspective on Priorities

Feb 26, 2018

The Order of Things. . .

I write every day–something, each day. Recently, I was composing a resource document in Google Docs–for my wellness offerings–rather than my usual habit of writing in MS Word for Mac. I’m playing more with Google Docs and Sheets to learn more about them.

Anyway–While writing, I saw a button in the bottom right-hand corner of the document screen, “Explore.” “Ooo, I’m an explorer at heart, Ok.” I clicked on the Explore button.

It brought up a sidebar with images–which I could use in the document if I wanted (& I did choose one, as seen here). Above the three offered photos, it contained headings of “Topics.” It had pulled three topics from an overall look at the contents of my document. It listed, in this order:
Quality time

I found this interesting, as my mention of “quality time” came much later in the piece than Source or Spirit–AND “Source” and “Spirit” are more prevalent on the page.

What If. . .

It got me wondering–Is this a reflection of our society and its priorities? Is it a reflection of “time” in any form, coming before or outranking “Spirit,” even when I had put it first?

In case you’re wondering, I was writing content for a possible program I might offer, down the road–about priorities, integrating Divine Spirit with success–balancing Spirit, family and business, and finding the alignment needed to be successful. 

Perhaps it’s one of our primary stumbling blocks, that most of us as a society, are not putting more emphasis on Source/Spirit/Divine/God FIRST–then looking at “time” and “wellness,” or anything else, for that matter. Because without a connection to Source/Spirit–everything else becomes pale and unfocused. Only when you Live in the Light of Source, can all the colors be sharp, shine, shimmer and show their brilliance.

As I continued writing, as in Life, the listed “topic” priorities changed. They went back, turned again–some of it way off–and then it meandered several times, and then back again–both in topic order and in content. I realized, in Life our priorities can (and do) flit around, changing, sometimes meandering, and refocusing as we go.

But what if. . . We made a concerted effort, every day–to focus on Source/Spirit/Divine First, then allow Divine inspiration to guide everything else in our lives (including our guiding our writing)? What if we allowed Source/Spirit to spark and nourish all of our thoughts, actions, and deeds–all of our ideas, our family decisions and interactions, and our business decisions and actions? 

Awesome, right? It would mean getting our “poop” together and finally figuring out our priorities, and finding balance in Life. Sure, it doesn’t happen all at one once–that would be chaos. Gradually. One better, more Divinely inspired choice here. One, more aligned decision there. Little by little, the positive changed take hold. 

I believe everything can shift into alignment if we do this. Maybe not ideally, every day, but slipping into a better place with each step.

I know some people seem to have this mastered, but I’ll bet they also have “off days,” like all of us. Don’t give up before you’ve started, just because someone else’s exterior seems impossibly perfect. You never know what conflicts other people are battling on the inside.

If this kind of shifting work were natural, everyone would be doing it, and the world would already be a better, higher-frequency place. Baby-steps! It starts with you and me–and our compadres who’ve been on the path a while. It happens in layers, a little at a time.

I believe if we take forward steps into these intentions, shifts can happen for us. Even if they’re small shifts at first, they grow as you practice and improve. Any journey begins with the first steps, right? 

How to Begin Finding Your Priorities & Balance

Before you go to bed at night, Don’t ruminate over your crazy day or tasks you didn’t get done. INSTEAD–contemplate what you’re grateful for in your life. Breath it in, appreciate it. Smile. This action helps your brain settle into a calmer state, more conducive for sleeping. It also helps preprogram you for a happier, more productive day tomorrow.

When you awaken in the morning, stretch, take a deep breath, drink some water–at least 4 ounces, if not 8 ounces. Then, do a 3-10 minute “meditation.”

Don’t be intimidated by the word. By meditation, I suggest even 3 minutes to merely contemplate (again) many of the things for which you’re grateful.

If you’re having a tough time coming up with something in the fog of waking, try something like 1) your bed and blankets, 2) the roof over your head, and 3) the food available to you. It’s a start, and you can expand from there in future “meditation” or contemplations.

I use a cool app called, “Aura.” The icon is a sky-blue square with a white halo-like circle in the middle. Quick, guided meditations with music or nature in the background. 3-7 minutes, you choose.

Then get started with the rest of your daily activities. If you run into a rough patch–Breathe deeply and remember the things you’re grateful for. Doing so should help you re-focus and reframe into a more positive space.

I’ll tell you right now, I’m not perfect (or even close) with this stuff. But it’s a daily practice I’m continually working to improve. And I DO notice my day improves when I do it, and my day becomes bumpy, gets stuck, or otherwise fogs-out if I forget (or run out of time) to do it.

I also check-in with my Divine Higher Guidance when I’m having trouble with focus or direction. It’s excellent for getting unstuck when writing too. It’s a bummer when I get so busy and overly focused on one thing that I forget to include this. My days are much better when I connect with it.

Those are just a few steps, to help you “get it together” and work toward balance, priorities, and alignment with your Divine connection. You can contact me for more information or a conversation.

As Always– Be Well,


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