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Nov 8, 2017


I’m still here. Things have been super busy. Today, I’m sharpening a presentation I’ll be giving at an upcoming retreat, polishing a potential handout for talks, packing to drive to the retreat, prepping for an afternoon client, tackling a mile-long “to-do before you go” list, and decided to do a quick update for you. I’ll post more after I return.

We just returned from a lovely vacation, although the travel back pushed the toxic overload I deal with–kind of over the edge. But I’m recovering. It’s merely taking a bit longer than I’d like. It’s reminding me of the importance of self-care and rest. Sometimes pushing harder isn’t the answer. Sometimes a little more rest is what will put you ahead.

I’ve added a couple of affiliate links (see the sidebar on the blog and the footer of all the pages). I highly recommend the writing software, “Scrivener.” It’s writing software made by writers FOR writers. It has a terrific trial period that only ticks away on the days you actually use it. Then it’s a modest little, one-time investment.

I’ll pop out of here now and go tackle more of my to-do list and get it “to-done!” Thanks for stopping in. More stuff later.
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