Building a Biz — Not for Sissies!

Jun 16, 2017

The business building process has been arduous! It’s tough reining in the distractions, and learning to schedule– everything. Because, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it basically won’t get done. It’ll slip through the cracks.

While I had started “Taking Back Wellness” back in late 2012, it was mostly just a vague concept which was going to be my sharing of research and resources. But it morphed a few times. Then I earned my Holistic Health Coaching Certification, and TBW morphed again.

This past April-May brought the formation of my new LLC.
Taking Back Wellness, LLC, dba Holistic Wellness Writers was officially born. In May I was introduced to the Acuity Scheduler system, and in May and June, I learned how to use it. I learned how to set it up to take payments, create various “appointment types,” and how to create intake documents which clients fill out before they schedule. Wow!

Oh, yeah. And a writer is supposed to write! HA! When? <Sigh> Breath. . . Breath. Yes, soon. I need to brainstorm on. . . 50 or so topic titles, and start writing on them. Yes. Soon. I have to chuckle at the irony. I spend so much time editing for others, I end up crowding out my own writing time. Yes– finding balance is another skill to hone.

I’ve been learning various business-type processes and techniques, bringing into focus many new concepts, and doing the inner-work necessary for building a healthy entrepreneurial mindset– all while continuing to work with clients.

If you are of a vintage to remember the Ed Sullivan Show, perhaps you remember the dude who used to spin plates on poles. His name was. . . Erich Brenn (I had to look it up). Anyway, look him up and watch. It’s how I frequently feel as I work to master all the tasks which go into building a business and morphing into a successful entrepreneur.

So many “scary” new things to learn, try, and implement. But you move through the spooky stuff and just do it anyway. I look at it mostly as an adventure. I look back at where I was (or wasn’t), in a business sense, and I’ve come so far from where I was a year ago. My health stuff still needs work– a work in progress, but all things in time. I wonder what the next year will bring with it.

I’ll keep at it.
Be Well,




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