Mar 27, 2017

Welcome to Holistic Wellness Writers

I’m Paula, writer-editor and writing/communications coach. Believe it or not, it’s all connected. It’s all a part of how you come across to your potential clients.

Whether you are writing a book, writing a blog, doing speaking engagements, meeting new potential clients, building the platform for your book, or merely working on your everyday forms of reaching out to attract clients– it’s all about how you come across.

Making the Best Impression You Can Make

You only have a few seconds to make an impression– somewhere between, “Oh– I want to keep reading this.” and “Oops, I’m in the wrong place.” or even, “Whoa, this is crap, I’m outta here.”

And most of the time, you won’t have an opportunity for “do-overs” to make a better impression. Once you’ve lost a reader (a/k/a– potential client), they may well be lost forever–even if you could have helped them. They’re gone. We all need to take care of how we present.

A Case in Point, & Why I’m Here

As administrative support personnel over a few decades, I spent years writing and editing for bosses. I could often see what they couldn’t. I’ve also been a writer at heart since I was a  kid. Maybe it’s why I finally chose to focus my university degree on Communications.

But as I was earning my Holistic Health Coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN®), my path began to reveal itself to me.

At IIN®, I participated in several student discussion groups. I loved hearing the various views on holistic health from my many classmates. We shared a lot of engaging conversations. Sometimes the energy was electric. I’d found my “tribe.” We all shared a great respect for one another as well.

Later, several of them tried their hand at blogging– thinking it was simple enough. A few seemed to be naturals. But others came back, fretting about how they thought nobody was taking them seriously or they couldn’t seem to get readers to stay. I frequently went in search of their posts. What I discovered surprised me, but I learned something.

Many people are fine with dashing off a bunch of words and thoughts, popping them into a few paragraphs, and a blog post. They call it good. But is it? Even if they’re great thoughts, can you expect people to tune in each week for more if it’s not well composed?

But the real question–the one which matters most:
What impressions are your readers taking in?

If reading something they proudly posted left us wondering how they could sound so smart in discussions and yet, in writing come across so. . . woefully lacking finesse–  Leaving us thinking:
Why would I believe anything they said, based on what they wrote here?

It won’t win over clients. Even if we know, you’re credible and just don’t come across as well in writing.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it. Let’s just say often their writing needed some reworking to shine their true brilliance.

It’s Not Your Fault! 
This is a new era of instant information– and frankly, information overload. Information is everywhere. Attention spans are shrinking. You don’t have much time to pique your reader’s interest and keep them engaged. Most folks weren’t taught how to do it, and it can be tricky.

Holistic Practitioners, like all entrepreneurs, are busy.  Right? You know you need to engage with your potential clients, but you feel short on time. How can you pull off the “Great Client Attraction Caper?”

I can help.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll gradually explain the various reasons why it’s so important to come across as intelligently, wisely, credibly, and polished as possible.

You can do all that and still let your unique personality shine through– as a matter of fact, it’s essential. I can help you find the right combination to help you shine out into the world– to your potential clients, and finally, to your Ideal Clients.

So please stick with me as I build here. You’re going to want to see what I have to offer you.
More to come soon. . .

In the meantime, Be Well & Shine on.


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